Sarasota General Contractor Remodeling Photo Gallery

kitchen remodel 12
Sarasota Ritz
Kitchen Renovation
Sarasota Ritz Remodel
Sarasota Ritz Remodel
Sarasota Ritz Penthouse Remodel
Ritz Penthouse Remodel
remodel 1
Longboat Key
A custom remodel with radius ceilings
remodel 3
Longboat Key
Kitchen remodel
remodel 2
Longboat Key
A dated condo is modernized
remodel 4
Sarasota Ritz Towers
Extraordinary custom interior renovation with custom ceilings
remodel 6
Longboat Key
Grand Bay
Bathroom remodel
remodel 5
Sarasota Ritz Tower
Custom built ceilings, storage, and more!
remodel 7
Sarasota Ritz
Carlton Hotel
Interior customized remodel
remodel 9
Sarasota Ritz
Interior renovation and remodel
remodel 8
Heritage Oaks
Interior remodel
custom work
Custom--Ceilings and Built-in Cabinetry
bathroom remodel
Viscaya on Longboat
Key -Bathroom Remodel

Thank you for visiting our remodeling gallery sharing with you our before and after photos of our remodeling projects located in the Sarasota area. Please feel free to contact me with your remodeling questions and estimating needs.

--Anthony W. Girard
Licensed Sarasota Contractor