Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc. is a Licensed General Contractor Providing Home Remodeling and Home Improvement Service to Sarasota and Manatee County Florida

Remodeling Contractor
With over 25 years in the home construction industry, Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc. has established a reputation in Sarasota and Manatee County as a home remodeling specialist. Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc. has worked one-on-one with
Longboat Key Kitchen Remodel
many local designers and homeowners who want to take something old and make it new again. Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc. has spent the last few years remodeling homes and condominiums along the beaches of Longboat Key and has enjoyed the views of Sarasota Bay while remodeling units at Sarasota's Ritz Carlton, downtown Sarasota Ritz Towers Residence, and Ritz Beaches on Lido Beach, along with other condominiums on Lido Key and the city of Sarasota. Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc. specializes in remodeling homes and condominiums for today's modern lifestyles

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You want to remodel but you’re not sure of what you can do or what you want your home to look like?

With vision and insight, Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc. can easily help you reconfigure your home or condominium with today's modern essentials and conveniences.   Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc. recognizes the type of
Kitchen remodel on Longboat Key
construction of your home, knows what is behind your walls, and will make recommendations for remodeling that are sure to please. Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc. works with licensed architects, engineers, and draftsmen to create your individual floor plans. Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc. is familiar with the Florida Building Code, the building permit process in Sarasota County, Longboat Key, City of Sarasota, and other building departments serving Florida's Sarasota and Manatee Counties. c for your home improvement needs, handyman services, home repairs, and more remodeling idea.
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Anthony W. Girard Specialties, Inc.
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